Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Couldn't You Have Had This Epiphany Before The Election?

David Horowitz notes a Thomas Friedman editorial in the NYT. Friedman has figured out that the "insurgents" are not freedom fighters on the side of good.

As the Johns Hopkins foreign policy expert Michael Mandelbaum so rightly pointed out to me, "These so-called insurgents in Iraq are the real fascists, the real colonialists, the real imperialists of our age." They are a tiny minority who want to rule Iraq by force and rip off its oil wealth for themselves. It's time we called them by their real names.

However this war started, however badly it has been managed, however much you wish we were not there, do not kid yourself that this is not what it is about: people who want to hold a free and fair election to determine their own future, opposed by a virulent nihilistic minority that wants to prevent that. That is all that the insurgents stand for.

Indeed, they haven't even bothered to tell us otherwise. They have counted on the fact that the Bush administration is so hated around the world that any opponents will be seen as having justice on their side. Well, they do not. They are murdering Iraqis every day for the sole purpose of preventing them from exercising that thing so many on the political left and so many Europeans have demanded for the Palestinians: "the right of self-determination."

What is terrifying is that the noble sacrifice of our soldiers, while never in vain, may not be enough. We may actually lose in Iraq. The vitally important may turn out to be the effectively impossible.

Well, bloody hell, Friedman! You and your MSM pals have been trying to engineer this for the entire war! Is this epiphany of yours just a momentary thing to crank out a column, or are you going to start supporting the victory effort?

Friedman's insight came from looking at the AP photo of the election workers being executed in broad daylight last week. In the remainder of the article, Friedman goes on to blame the prospect of losing on anyone but the press.

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