Tuesday, December 14, 2004

I Would Never Dream!

The Anchoress has some nice posts today. One examines new liberal efforts to "pass":
Can't help but notice what appears to be a co-ordinated effort by liberal folks to sidle up to the red staters and say, "psssst, lissen, we're not so bad! We're not as liberal as you think! We've got kids! We've got the same values as you!"

There were a few yesterday that I didn't get to blog and have since forgotten, but today I note this one and this one. (Hattip: Lucianne.com.)

See? They're just like us conservatives! They're simply, as the second writer states, "The GOOD Kind of Conservatives."

What is a "Good" Conservative? From what I can tell, it's someone who is raising a family but dislikes the president and the war, is "uncomfortable" with abortion but would never, never, never dare to impose that value on another, "I don't tell others what to do," sniffs the "Good Conservative."

Except of course if he is lecturing those bad, "mouth-foaming Conservatives." (Do they HEAR themselves at all? Apparently not.)

Regarding abortion and the whole "I would never dare impose my values" ethos, this is my slogan:

I am personally in favor of abortion. But I would never dream of imposing my values on unborn babies!

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