Thursday, August 19, 2010

Not Mincing Any Words

Seen in the comments to this post:
It you are not for marriage equality — you don’t truly “like” gay people. This is more than a narrative — it is reality. It is that simple in 2010.

People who like others and call themselves “friends” do not dole out scraps at the table and offer inferior relationship status.

Stop denigrating yourself and have some self-respect.
Oy vey. Wayne, it is YOU that needs to develop some self respect. You are pretending you are something you are not. And people who have to lie to themselves about what they are do not do so out of self-respect.

You call it marriage equality, but you are asking for everyone in the world to call your relationship equal to a relationship it is undeniably NOT equal to.

1. Men and women are not interchangeable. If they were, you wouldn’t be gay, you’d be bi. Everyone would be bi. If they were, the people who tell you are gay because you havent met the right woman yet would be right.

2. Every human life on planet Earth comes throughout ALL of history comes from heterosexuality. NONE have ever or will ever come from homosexuality.

Every life in the history of the world is NOT equal to zero lives.

3. EVERY heterosexual relationship contains a man AND a woman, a person from EACH of the sexes, a role model for EACH of the sexes, and NO homosexual relationships do.

These are not meaningless differences, like the amount of melanin in a persons skin, these are enormously consequential differences that mean the difference between life and never having existed to every human being on the planet

And yet YOU feel a need to pretend that your relationship is equal to that????

And you have the gall to tell OTHER people to develop some self respect.

Excuse me, but you’re in blatant psychological denial of BASIC scientific facts, and of who and what you are! You havent even faced up to the incontrovertible fact that you are different. Fundamentally, consequentially different!

Denial and delusion may pass for self-respect in your world, but in reality they remain denial and delusion.

Youre here, youre queer, get used to it!

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Ilíon said...

And a further dishonesty -- which has been pointed out many times before by others -- the marriage laws do not even take into account the "sexuality" of the persons seeking to marry; no one asks either partner whether they are "straight" or "gay," or even whether they intend to "consummate the marriage."

The only restrictions are that:
1) there be exactly two parties to the prospective marriage;
2) that one party be male and the other female;
3) that the parties "be of age;"
4) that any sexual union between the parties not be incestuous.

No one excludes "gays" from marrying. Rather, "gay activists" desire to destroy marriage.