Friday, August 20, 2010

Literally Has No Idea What He Is Talking About

By his own admission.

PZ Myers is ticked off by an e-mailer asking (at least) some legitimate questions:
Greg Abell wrote to me, requesting answers to his questions, which he doesn't ask, and since he caught me in a cranky moment, I felt like answering.

I wanted to ask a professional scientist how something can come from nothing?
No, you didn't. You wrote as an excuse to preach at me, and are not asking any sincere questions. You're a phony.
If there is no God, you have to prove how this is possible.

Matter had to come from somewhere. Space had to have a beginning. Time also has to originate right?
Ask a physicist. I'm a biologist. It says so right over there under my picture to the left, where you got my email address. So why are you pestering me with questions way outside my expertise? I wish these loonies would write to me asking about biological events within the last half-billion years, where I might be able to give a pretty good answer. Big Bang stuff, ask an astronomer/physicist; origin of life stuff, ask a biochemist; rock stuff, ask a geologist.

Why aren't you harrassing Vic Stenger or Neil deGrasse Tyson or Lawrence Krauss or Sean Carroll about these subjects, instead of me? You've already pissed me off with your inappropriate, clueless questions — and I can already tell you're an insincere, pretentious twit who won't pay any attention to any answers I might give, anyway.

You got your assertions wrong. Matter had to come from nowhere: we aren't talking about Private God digging a hole in one place for dirt to fill a hole in another. We are talking about the creation of matter, space, and time out of nothing. Inventing a god who did it doesn't solve the problem: it just postulates that there was no nothing, but instead an anthropomorphic superman with magic powers, which is the kind of hypothesis a five year old might make. And not a smart five year old, either.
So, Myers doesn't know, doesn't claim to know, and seems to think matter came into being from literally nothing, with no cause at all, and that to claim that a cause was needed makes one a five-year-old.

All righty, then. It's good to see that his atheism stands on very solid ground.

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