Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Special Goggles Make Everything Look The Same

Details here.

And on the same theme, from Hugh Hewitt:

Here's a paragraph from an AP story that should be on the front wall in the museum of media bias:

Turnout was exceptionally light in Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina, a possible indication that the anger fueling voters across the country over economic woes and persistently high unemployment wasn't translating into votes — and, perhaps, the limited influence of the conservatives and libertarians who make up the fledgling tea party coalition.

This is an MSM interpretation of MSM spin.

Turnout was light because the key GOP races in all states featured only conservatives. There was no example of a Rubio-Crist race or a ballot measure that would tap into the deep voter anger with Democrats. Dan Coast is a fine conservative, and the Tea Party movement is full to the brim with traditional conservative voters who are simply expressing their politics in activism for the first time.

Note as well the writers' transparent attempt to define voter anger as a result of unemployment and economic woes as opposed to Obamacare, the vast expansion of the federal government, the soaring deficit, the failed stimulus, the takeover of GM, the pledges to close Gitmo and try KSM in Manhattan etc. Is it journalistic malpractice or just a bias so deeply rooted that "reporters" Liz Sidoti and Deanna Martin have no idea how risible their writing appears to anyone with a passing knowledge of conservative politics generally or the Tea Party movement specifically.

What is roiling the country is a massive rejection of the president's agenda and his allies in Congress. When the opportunity to express that opinion with a vote comes around, you won't have to worry about turnout.

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