Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Strong Evidence That Global Warming Is Absolutely Unprecedented

Mike Flynn:

Come, Let Us Reason Together

What is odd about this report?

LiveScience reports.

"Warming temperatures are melting patches of ice that have been in place for thousands of years in the mountains of the Canadian High Arctic and in turn revealing a treasure trove of ancient hunting tools,"

They cite as examples:

In 1997, sheep hunters discovered a 4,300-year-old dart shaft in caribou dung that had become exposed as the ice receded. . . . [Archaeologist Tom] Andrews and his team (including members of the indigenous Shutaot'ine or Mountain Dene) have found 2,400-year-old spear throwing tools, a 1000-year-old ground squirrel snare, and bows and arrows dating back 850 years.

So what does this dire news add up to? Prizes -- the adulation of other correspondents here in the Siberia of the Internet -- to the first correspondent who spots it.......


Anonymous said...

Very nice. Artifacts that are a thousand or two years old at the most magically got underneath ice that has been in place for thousands of years. Makes perfect sense to me.

Stephen R said...

I was thinking: Underneath all this ancient ice are **man-made** artifacts -- pointing out the obvious fact that the Earth was pretty warm some time in the past.

I.E. It ain't the SUVs doin' it.