Friday, January 22, 2010


Mike Shedlock:

Indeed, public unions and pension promises that cannot possibly be met broke the bank. Yet most of them still ask for more.

Like rats on a ship made of cheese
, unions do not understand that consuming the ship will cause them to drown.

BTW, in the same post, Shedlock, as is his libertarian wont, laments:

Why is it so hard to find a fiscal conservative who also wants to mind their own business on gay marriage and other such nonsensical issues, respect a woman's right to choice, end the war mongering overseas, and end the ridiculous war on drugs?

One commenter answers succinctly:

Because a person who thinks killing babies at any time/for any reason is great, thinks marrying three women and your dog is fine, that whimpering / cowering when attacked is no big deal and toking your brains out (but not accepting the consequences) is OK is NOT really going to give a damn about how the public’s money is spent.

Another at more length:

From the Conservative viewpoint, life is one of the "unalienable rights" of an American citizen. Therefore one protects the innocent from having that right taken away, PARTICULARLY CHILDREN. It is an entirely consistent viewpoint (unlike the viewpoint that killing innocent babes in the womb up to the moment of birth is A-OK peachy keen, but putting an adult, properly convicted murderer to death is just unacceptable!).

I personally find the term "a woman's right to choose" repulsive. It is the ending of a human life without ANY form of due process of law, and prettying it up doesn't make the end result any less of a dead baby in a trash can. Or, like in Illinois, gasping out their last minutes in a hospital closet unheld and unloved. We are taught that the Nazis were monsters, but I find little difference between their behavior and ours in this matter.

Overseas wars? I agree that we shouldn't be minding the store for other folks. I'd bring our boys and gals home in a heartbeat with the following caveat....that we close our borders, and allow limited immigration ONLY from countries that have value systems that are compatible with our culture. Also that we drill, build nuke plants, and and work with other energy sources as they become cost effective.

War on drugs? Sure, legalize and tax it-but only on the condition that functional taxpayers are not required to support the addicts and their dysfunctional behaviors. Also, that anyone selling heavy narcotics (such as heroin or meth) to underage kids is given a minimum of twenty to life.

Gay marriage? Good heterosexual marriages are the foundation of a decent society due to their role in nurturing the next generation of citizens. It's HUGELY important to our country as a whole, one only has to see what happened to the black American subculture when marriage was no longer taken seriously. Generations of lost opportunities and lost children. A tremendous cost to our society in criminality and economic failure and sad, wasted lives. One LA grandmother I talked to said they had lost **80%** of the younger generation (from single moms) in their family to violence, gangs, and drugs! The success or failure of heterosexual marriage has the ability to make or break our country (you need to read what happened in the former Soviet Union when marriage was declared unnecessary after the 1917 Revolution. I don't think Russian culture has ever completely recovered from it).

Small matters to you, perhaps. But there are those who think differently.

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