Tuesday, August 25, 2009

For Them, An Oath Is Not A Pro Forma Joshing Around Kind Of Thing

From the comments here:

For you non-military folks (it's not for everyone, no slight intended here) you need to know a few things:

1) The military is about 80% conservative. Puting your life on the line for the love of family, country and duty breeds a deep respect of freedom.

2) The military is a smarter force today than it ever has been historically. We read history, analyze the facts and work hard to keep our nation free. We are not patsies of the government but rather citizens dedicated to keep our country free. We love our children and are educated... many of us hold graduate degrees.

3) That whole oath thing about defending the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic... yup, we really take that oath. We mean it, too.

4) Don't think for a minute that some liberal General is going to stand up and ask his troops to attack Americans and that the troops will just blindly follow. This is not Kent State, we are armed with our own intelligence. Any Field grade officer (senior leader) who has somehow missed that fact won't do well if those orders were given.

The only way to fix the military for Obama would be to massacre them like the communists did to their own military and population in the early days of 1900's: http://www.hawaii.edu/powerkills/COM.ART.HTM

Or what they did to Poland: http://culture.polishsite.us/articles/art281.html

We learn from history: rounding up thousands of military leaders in the night to lead them to slaughter would be a risky, dare I say a deadly endeavor. It would fail and the revolution would be full-on.

Bottom line: The US military is not a pawn of the liberal and will not become jack-booted thugs kicking in your door. We will kill to defend you and the constitutional rule of law. Hopefully it won't come to that.

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