Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Extortionist Mr. Moneybags Leads The Fight Against Capitalist Pigs

Yet another reason to hate unions:

The smartest blogger under 20 (that would be one of my nephews) reveals that Don Hunsucker, President of the UFCW (United Food and Commercial Workers) a union which “has launched a campaign against Whole Foods” because its CEO John Mackey dared offer an alternative to Democratic health care proposals, earns $626,769 a year.

(Just read the whole thing.)

$626,769 a year!?!?!? I wonder if Mitchell’s Dad pulls down that much. My brother is a neurosurgeon and quite regularly performs the most delicate operations requiring intelligence, a steady hand, a medical education and many years of practice (his residency alone lasted seven years). He saves lives on a regular basis. I wonder how many lives Mr. Hunsucker has saved.

And I wonder whether the grocery store workers Hunsucker (supposedly) represents know how much he makes. I mean, the average grocery store cashier earns $26,479 a year, a stock clerk $28,697.

Michelle Malkin who links Mitchell’s work, has more, pointing out the UCFW has dispatched its minions to “to educate shoppers about Whole Foods CEO’s efforts to undermine health care reform and President Obama.“ (Only in liberal speak, is proposing reform alternatives “undermining reform.”

I wonder how much those minions are making. You know this spontaneous burst of opposition, organized by union fatcats earning hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.

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