Saturday, June 20, 2009

Yeah, What This Guy Said

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Let's hope.

Also, from this post, which contains a grizzly graphic that is sure to become a symbol for the world of the complete illegitimacy of of the despotism ruling Iran:

Has it occurred to you that all the unbelievable imagery of the protests is, pixel by pixel, etching itself in the memory of the world and of course now or later back through the satellite dishes and Internet connections into the brains of all Iranians, as an indelible revolutionary iconography that will, over time, supplant the revolutionary mythology of the Republic's founding, on which so much of the regime's legitimacy depends? The way I see it, that truly horrific footage of the conservatively dressed woman bleeding out will do more damage to Ahmadi and Khamenei than any military strike ever could. I think the old Revolutionary era is ending.

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