Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Era Of The Carrot Is Ending, The Era Of The Stick Is Beginning

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Charles Hugh Smith:

It is stupendously politically incorrect to note that humans respond to both incentives/praise and disincentives/negative consequences.

There is a great divide in the U.S. economy which will only be bridged by the coming insolvency of the Federal and state governments: those who can be fired/laid off and those who still feel entitled to their job regardless of their output.

One of my carpentry masters was an African-American gent from New Orleans. Back in the early 1970s when I first began working for him and his partner (a Caucasian gent), he told me that how he'd found work in tough times was to approach the foreman of a construction project, point to a worker on the site and say that he could do more work than that guy.

The foreman would give him a once-over and put him to work. The next day, the other guy would be gone and my boss would have his job.

That's called getting and holding a job based on output and nothing else.

Now we have a culture and economy based on Spoiled Brat Syndrome: only incentives and praise are allowed as motivators...

Read the rest to see how that's gonna change.

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