Thursday, May 15, 2008

Ours Is An Astrological Age

Good comments:

Is it just me or does it also seem that the logical path of reductionist materialism is very much like astrology. Our actions and thoughts are guided by the purposeless arrangement of atoms in our brains, which are balanced against all other matter and force in the cosmos…so the gravitational arrangement of planetary masses and the stars ‘above’ at the time of one’s birth would very much affect their personality, wouldn’t it? :)


Todd, it’s not just you !

“One sees this also in his discussion of astrology, which he (Dawkins) attacks not only as false, but as fraught with “sad human consequences.” But one of the problems with materialism is that it is little different from astrology in its human consequences. What is the difference between believing that one’s actions are dictated by the orbits of the planets and believing that they are dictated by the orbits of the electrons in one’s brain?”
Stephen Barr (First Things Aug/Sep 1999)

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