Friday, May 23, 2008

Finally, The Proof

It's on Jupiter.

UPDATE: From a couple of comments I've received, it is apparently 'fascist' to mention that Jupiter is warming. However, I can't see that the rising temperature of Jupiter has any evident connection to either nationalism or socialism, let alone both.


Anonymous said...

Are you a fascist person?

Oh, yeah!

fettuchini said...

En otras palabras, que eres un fascista de mierda y que, el día de tu postrera suerte, tanta gloria lleves como paz dejes.

Lástima que, como el ignorante que eres, no tengas ni puto idea de español y no puedas entender esto.

Matteo said...

Good heavens, global warming cultists from across the world! And so polite! Thanks for your visit!

¡Soy un fascista! No sabía esto hasta su comentario. ¡Gracias!

Anonymous said...

Greenie creatures are creepy in an 'out-of-this-world' kind of way.

What monsters has Algoracle unleashed upon humanity.