Thursday, January 11, 2007

Heads We Win, Tails You Lose


Driven to Distraction

We were hoping the Angry Left blogs would have an interesting take on the Somalia strike, and we weren't disappointed. Here's a sampling:

* "I don't have any facts or expertise, but it strikes me that the warmongers have pulled a fast one by escalating in Somalia instead of Iran or Syria. By tonight, Bush will be able to make a case that this has come up suddenly, that they have been ready for it, that it merely demonstrates what he has been saying about GWOT [global war on terror]."--"arper,"

* "Well, Well never fails. Bush is about to ask America to allow him to escalate the war in Iraq. But whenever he needs to do something like this, it seems like there's always a 'terror scare,' or some trumped up success, even if it's not our own, some days before."--"sephius1,"

* "With Bush's umpteenth Iraqi war plan set for delivery today, was yesterday's cruise missile attack in Somalia supposed to change the subject, or score points elsewhere while the President was on the hot seat?"--Michael Shaw,

So now the war on terror is a distraction from Iraq?

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