Wednesday, January 10, 2007

As Deadly Dull As The Nineties, Except Without The Hope That Giving Republicans Power Will Change Anything

We're in a new political era. Unfortunately, it makes for dull-as-hell blog reading. 10 years ago, you could look at all the inanities of the Clinton era, but still enthusiastically thirst for a change to Republicans to finally set things right. Now? Not so much. Conservatism is dead, Republicans have shown themselves to be quite useless, and mindless leftism is on the upswing. There is nothing whatsoever to get excited about, and little motivation to harbor false enthusiasms.

I'm afraid that we're in for a lot of meaningless, boring nothingness, punctuated by the occasional unopposed implementation of awful policies. Until something big happens (large scale terrorist attacks, economic collapse), well, here we are.

I'll still be posting items of interest that I find, but the pickings are very slim right now.

On the plus side, it looks like Apple, Inc has done it again, revolutionizing the phone and leaping years ahead of the competition. Details here. The iPhone introduction at Macworld Expo yesterday is worth watching. Steve Jobs is very excited by this new technology and his enthusiasm is contagious. I've never owned a cellphone (I hate the things) but I'd consider one of these.

See here for some interesting commentary about what this does to the competitive situation in the phone business.

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