Thursday, October 14, 2010


Honestly, I don’t even know what to say about this.

Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa is threatening 401(k) plans — insisting Democrats can use the lame duck, post-defeat session of Congress to ram through a measure that would seize your personal 401(k) plans and use them to prop up the union pension plans that are imploding.

Are these people really this crazy?

For the last few months, we’ve been hearing talk of Democrats insisting they have “nothing to lose” once they are defeated in November, and that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid would use the last few months of power they hold to cram as much statist legislation through in the dead of night as possible…with the Left realizing it would not have this much power for another several decades at least.

I’ve never bought into this just because of the permanent damage that lame duck session would do to the Democrat brand.

Yes, the individuals who’ve been defeated in 2010 won’t technically have anything to lose by voting for insanity…and they could leave office giving their constituents a giant F-U. But what happens to them then?


But if Democrats really and truly tried to take people’s 401(k) funds away from them and redistribute those to the unions…or tried to ram through Cap & Tax or other madness during that lame duck session…it’s impossible to imagine the blowback the Democrat Party would suffer.

This would, in fact, permanently equate Democrats with Communists in the minds of Americans.

I don’t know how the party remains viable after that…and I don’t know what happens to the American media once the Democrat Party is revealed as a Communist entity, since the media is so tied to the party.

The world as we know it would suddenly pop…and the rage that would fill the streets over the 401(k)s would be something unprecedented.

It really boggles the mind to even think about this…that’s why I still can’t imagine Democrats really doing anything like this.

There would be a march on Washington over those retirement accounts, and there aren’t enough bullets in the Capitol’s armory to shoot down all the Americans who would march upon that building and tear it down brick by brick if Democrats really and truly tried to take those 401(k)s.

This would also be a disaster for the unions…a tipping point where Americans would finally be forced to see these parasites for what they are…and in the aftermath of this power grab Americans would come after the unions right after they finished taking down Congress.

Can anyone think of a historical example where a government did something so insane, so against the will of its people, that the public saw this as a tipping point and rose up against it?

This gets into 1789 France territory.

As stupid as they are, I just don’t see Democrats being foolish enough to go there.

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Anonymous said...

These fools are not going to stop until people march on Washington brandishing pitchforks and torches.