Sunday, October 03, 2010

Couldn't Have Said It Better Myself

In the comments to this American Thinker piece a tired, lame canard answered:
monostor wrote: "I believe that atheism is also a religion"

I presume then that you believe that not collecting stamps is also a hobby.


"I presume then that you believe that not collecting stamps is also a hobby. "

If not collecting stamps means declaring yourself specifically to be not a stamp collector and setting up organizations and tenets specifically geared towards not stamp collecting, and spend your days telling anyone who will listen about how you do not collect stamps, and complain against the post office for forcing you to accept stamps on the letters sent to your mailbox? Then yeah, not collecting stamps is a hobby. If all you do is simply ignore any stamps you find? Not such a big deal. In my experience, the average atheist has more to say about religion than religious people do. People who truly don't care are more apt to simply say, "I'm not religious."


Anonymous said...

One might also note the Veterans Administration offers grave markers with an atheist symbol.

Stephen R said...

Atheism is not a religion, but it is a belief.

If you lack any belief, you're an agnostic, probably.

Stephen R said...

Actually, I would make a different distinction relative to your post:

Most atheists don't care what you believe. The ones you hear about on the news screaming about "God" in the Pledge of Allegiance etc. are a vocal minority.

I refer to them as anti-theists.

I've been an atheist most of my life. Religion and religious faith do not offend me in the slightest.

IlĂ­on said...

"Atheism is not a religion, but it is a belief."

Atheism is a worldview; it's not just "a belief" or "a lack of belief," it's the affirmation/assertion of a set of beliefs about the fundamental nature of reality.

You know, same as "regular" religions are.