Friday, October 22, 2010

Gotta Like That Colonel West

A mirthful moment in this video (at about 40 seconds in).


Ilíon said...

"This man is just awesome. He really and truly is.

He is a future President of the United States (2020 I think, after serving 8 years as President Palin’s ass-kicking VP).

He has to be elected to Congress this year first.

And America sure as heck needs him.

Go, West, go!

Based on what I know about both Palin and West, I agree.

Ilíon said...

There may be more people rooting for West than most people imagine.

For instance, my one sister only started to pay attention to politics the first time Clinton ran (she was *disgusted* at all the women she knew cooing about how "cute" he was and offering *that* as the reason to vote for him), and only in recent years has started to pay serious attention nationla politics ... and she knows about West and hopes he can become a national figure.

Anonymous said...

West is a STUD. That ought to help him with the female vote.

It did with this female voter!

Ilíon said...

Unfortunately, that attitude is what got us Clinton ... and Obama.