Tuesday, January 22, 2008

What's In A Slogan?

Steve Rhodes took a lot of great photos at the Walk For Life. I feel moved to comment on some of the pro-abortion signs:

And make every unwanted child a dead child?

Actually the contraceptive mentality says that there is an absolute right to sex without resulting babies. Such an attitude leads directly to abortion. Duh.

How about I get back to you in 60 years and see how well you're doing at ruling/upholding your own body?

"If you don't like slavery, don't own one! If you don't like vehicular manslaughter don't run anyone over! If you don't like killing Jews, leave Germany! If you don't like invasions of foreign countries, don't join the Army! If you don't like George W. Bush, don't vote for him!"

"We oppose Free Exercise, and hence the First Amendment! No social policies should ever have any basis in religion! So cancel MLK day, reinstitute segregation and slavery, decriminalize rape and theft! It's a well known historical fact: left-wingers would never dream of imposing anything on anybody anywhere! If you think our sign is ugly, you should see what we can do with society!"

Your child is not your body.

"Democracy is when we win! Fascism is when we lose!"

Again: Your child is not your body, and hence, should not be subject to your "choice".

If you are against the death penalty, why don't you fight to abolish abortion?

So what are you doing on that side of the barricade?

And that's a fact! Case closed!

"Let's kill the homeless!"

Unclear on the concept.

Well. There it is then.

"Why drive safely? Cars have airbags!"

Now you're talking sense!

Real men don't treat women as sex toys. Your baby's rights are not determined by your selfishness.

"Where there is no God, all is permitted." - Dostoevsky

Don't like back-alley coat hanger abortions? Don't have one!

Amidst all the noise, someone scribbles the only remotely cogent counter-argument...

No doubt. However. Your child is not your uterus.

Also, would the argument: "This is my house...not my father's...not my brother's...not the governor's...not the congressman's...not George Bush's...MINE!" be a valid justification for abandoning an inconvenient toddler?

Women deserve better than being treated as toys by men unwilling to raise a child with them.

Now there's an argument with a long shelf life.

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"Homosexuality is a curse I wish on your family! Unborn gay babies are supposed to be killed!"

Your child's body is sacred, too. Sex *was* the choice.

UPDATE: Before the comments to this post are swarmed with the delightful repartee of abortion enthusiasts, let me make a clarification. My whole point is that these slogans are woefully ineffectual at convincing, or even slightly swaying, those who believe for religious, philosophical, or prudential reasons that the unborn are people with rights (I'm assuming, of course, that your goal is to convince and not merely mock). If you hate the idea that someone would base these assessments on religious reasons, you should be arguing for the invalidity of the religion (note: merely ridiculing something you don't remotely understand, for example, Catholic orthodoxy, does not constitute an argument). If you think the philosophical arguments for the personhood of the unborn are invalid, you should be stating why. If you think principles of prudence (i.e. would you fire your rifle in target practice if you thought there was even a 1% chance that kids were playing in the barn behind the target?) aren't in play, then please present your locktight, inescapable, unrebuttable, irrefutable argument that the unborn are not persons.

If your answer to this is that "hey, you guys are guilty of the same thing," my answer to you is that you are the ones who are supposed to be so much smarter and nobler than all of us mind-numbed right-wing religious fascist robots. You are our intellectual superiors and should therefore have no problem educating us using legitimate arguments. Yes?

In any case, all of the knee-jerk emotional appeals on your signs merely assume what you have not bothered to address. Why is it that your side is not holding signs that simply say "You are mistaken. The unborn are not persons." That is the only truly legitimate basis for your position. Everything else is a disingenuous smokescreen. But maybe that's all you really have to offer.

And please do not forget: as purported champions of "democracy", you must realize that all arguments end at the ballot box. It is not necessary to convince every last person in this country of the rightness of either side's cause. That's why we have elections. Should your side lose, don't start screaming "fascism!" Doing so only confirms suspicions that you really don't believe in democracy in the slightest. And buck up: if Roe v Wade were overturned, nothing whatsoever would change in the jurisdictions lived in by 95% or more of the population. Our Walk for Life is primarily a spiritual, religious, and a "giving of witness", movement, not a political scheme. It may be difficult for you to comprehend, but politics is not our god.


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Outstanding post!

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Matt said...

If I go to this with you next year will you tackle me if I look like I intend to hit a pro-abort with an Icon?

Matteo said...

If I don't, the cops will...

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I love police. They so often really do keep the peace.

Matt said...

I love police. They so often really do keep the peace.