Sunday, January 20, 2008

2008 Walk For Life

I went on the 4th annual West Coast Walk For Life yesterday in San Francisco. The turnout last year was pretty big, and this year had to be at least 50% bigger. The usual small band of left-wing crazies added their noise to the festivities, and the SF Police did their usual fine job of protecting us all from the peace-lovin', carin' progressives. I've got lots of good photos from the day here.

A sample image:

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At the event I recognized Gerald Augustinus, of "The Cafeteria Is Closed" fame. He was taking lots of pictures himself with his professional gear. I enjoyed talking with him and his new bride briefly at the end of the walk (incidentally, I met my wife of ten months for the first time at the first annual Walk For Life 3 years ago). Gerald has his own photos from the walk on display here, here, here, and here.

See also this neutralish report.

And this fun set of snapshots taken by a young lady who attended.

Here's another nice set of photos, apparently from someone on the other side, but a very complete view of both sides, with some of the photos quite lovely. Well done!

A PipelineNews photo essay.

A pair of great essays here and here, by a participant and convert away from pro-abortion leftism, who knows both sides inside and out.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos.

A couple of cops handed out "SFPD Junior officer" stickers to my kids.

In photo 2008 085, Mr. Tambourine Man...I saw him sitting in the grass near us during the rally. He had his legs crossed and was burning incense sticks in a dish. Some older hippy-looking gentleman was with him and starting talking to him, but Mr. Tambourine told him he "can't talk right now, I'm doing something.

Anonymous said...

My sister and I witnessed to the older hippy-looking gentleman for at least 1/2 hour. Unfortunately, he was very bitter resulting from an experience at a church he attended years ago. We encountered the regular judgmental and hypocritical rhetoric we hear from the "liberated" crowd. Actually, it was a very productive conversation without anger or hostility. Both my sister and I could see his heart soften as we talked to him. We know he left with a different take on christians and himself.

Anonymous said...

The cops were quite friendly. My kids got stickers too! Thanks for collecting all those pics and posts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog. My wife and I converted to catholicism from liberal nonsense also. I really appreciate the pictures and the news of things we can't see in the media anymore. God Bless you