Monday, April 24, 2006

Some Monkeys Want To Use Educational Film Strips To Tell Other Monkeys What To Think About Being Monkeys

This is kind of interesting (H/T Uncommon Descent). Also well done.

Sometimes I do entertain myself by thinking of the world as just a bunch of evolved monkeys doing stuff. A bunch of monkeys built cars so other monkeys could go fast and pass each other and yell at each other in traffic jams. A whole bunch of monkeys build giant aluminum tubes with wings so that other monkeys can arc through the sky at 500 mph on their way to visit their monkey friends far away. Some monkeys built a sightseeing boat, which is now full of monkeys waving and pointing at all the pretty buildings that other monkeys built. Etc. It can actually be quite amusing. But that's all it is. Entertainment.

Somehow, I think the guy who made the film strip thinks he is doing more than being entertaining. Which is itself entertaining. The guy who made the film strip is an entertaining evolved monkey! Whose taking himself seriously, is of course, as entertaining and touching and irrelevant as the other evolved monkeys in the film strip taking themselves seriously.

So, thanks to the film strip, it's Deep Thoughts, until I see the next banana...

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