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Not Your Usual View Of Illegal Immigration

Very interesting FrontPageMag article.


"All these immigration bills are essentially the same,” the wise man told me. “None are intended to stop illegal immigration. Our restrictions are designed merely to be filters to weed out the weak, lazy and stupid from getting into the U.S. Those who get through will be the fittest, and they will bring America the best genetic stock as new citizens.”

This columnist was first to identify the paradox that today’s liberals demand that Darwinian evolution be taught in our public school classrooms but insist that real Darwinian competition – dodge ball, score keeping, the very idea of winners and losers – be banished from the playgrounds of those same schools. Do they believe that Charles Darwin, the founder of evolutionary theory, was right or not?

I occasionally interview a deep but cynical thinker. Because he prefers to remain anonymous, I call him “The Darwinian.” Quoted above and hereafter, this is his take on current events. His opinions are his own, not necessarily those of this columnist nor of Front Page Magazine, but they provide food for thought concerning today’s most widely discussed issue, immigration.

“At America’s southern border we, in effect, have invisible signs like those at the rides at Disneyland that say ‘You must be this tall to go on this ride,’” he told me. “Those who are strong, smart, tough and determined enough to climb the fence, cross the desert or river, or pay the best Coyote human smugglers and are able to evade the Migras [immigration officers] will survive until the next amnesty and be given citizenship. And this survival of the fittest will, in the long run, benefit the United States.”

But aren’t such illegals a drain on our welfare and other social services?

“Of course, but only in the short run,” The Darwinian replied. “Most come with a strong work ethic, devout faith, and stronger family values than most liberal Americans. They bring a transfusion of values, ethics and passion that have been hemorrhaging away in America. And without this influx the United States would be in the same demographic decline, unable to reproduce itself, as Europe and Japan are. We need fresh blood and these vigorous genes to renew America, as has happened many times in the past.”

But wouldn’t legal immigration be better?

“No,” replied the Darwinian. “The gauntlet we have now, and that will continue with its bar raised in the bills now before Congress, provides a better test of fitness than arbitrary bureaucratic standards of who should get in. Bureaucrats approve those who are docile and obedient. Natural selection rewards those who are the toughest, which often means those willing to bend and break the rules.

“True enough,” he continued, “today’s barriers let lawbreakers slip through – indeed, turn the undocumented immigrants into law breakers. But the law they’re breaking is largely a product of racial and economic discrimination designed to protect the status and jobs of those already here, to protect the lazy and comfortable from Darwinian competition. To the degree that competition has been reduced by our politicized immigration laws, the United States has violated its own ideal as a capitalist nation.

“Free market competition,” he continued, “is just Darwinian evolution operating economically. It’s rightly been called Bio-nomics, natural economics. This is why the so-called conservationists who support socialism and the Democratic Party are dishonest. Socialism is phony, unnatural economics that leads to the extinction of species.

“Those who hide behind laws, including immigration laws, to avoid such competition are committing slow suicide, growing too fat and lazy to survive,” said The Darwinian. “In the long run you can no more outlaw the law of supply and demand than you can outlaw the law of gravity. And there’s a big supply of cheaper labor just across the border.

“Organized labor is a monopolist attempt to outlaw free market competition,” he continued. “Look at how General Motors, controlled and bled white by its labor unions, is now dying because it has become too weak to stand against competitors. Such unions have also tried to stop immigration, knowing it would undercut the wages unions extort. But if they win, the whole United States will eventually be weakened as General Motors now is. And unions hurt us all as consumers who must pay unnaturally higher prices.”

So, I asked, should we allow an unregulated flood of immigrants to drive American wages down to Third World levels?

“We do regulate the flow,” laughed The Darwinian. “We just do it by raising or lowering the amount of enforcement at the border. The cream of the immigrants floats to the top of this tide, so we keep the barrier high enough that it’s mostly the cream that gets in. Do you think it’s an accident that President Bill Clinton’s administration virtually ordered the Border Patrol to ease its enforcement so he could register a million newly-legalized – and in 10,000 cases felonious – voters for the 1996 election? Or that even the toughest proposed immigration law before Congress right now would build only 698 miles of fence on a 2,000 mile border?

“It’s obvious that powerful interest groups, left and right, want this flow of illegal immigrants. Businesses want more labor competition to hold down wages. Democratic leaders expect that these illegals will disproportionately become Democrat voters and restore power to the Left. The Roman Catholic Bishops see these immigrants as increasing the power of the Catholic Church. Would Los Angeles Cardinal Roger Mahony really be so encouraging to illegals if America were a predominately Catholic country being flooded with illegal Protestant immigrants? I don’t think so.”


And how, I asked, will this play out politically?

“The liberal media is denouncing Republicans as nativists and racists” The Darwinist replied. “But the smarter Hispanics see things the national media tries hard to hide. They see that it’s been Democrats in Congress, not Republicans, who voted to make the illegal aliens felons, and that it’s always been the Democrats, the party of the slave owners and the Klan, who exploit racial differences to gain political power.

“The smarter Latinos also see something else that the Democratic Party has been doing,” he said. “Two of the most loyal Democratic voting blocs have for many decades been organized labor and African-Americans. And who have the Democrats shafted in their frantic rush to win Hispanic votes?

“The Democrats, happy to drive down wages, have stabbed organized labor in the back,” The Darwinist continued. “And knowing that a flood of poor Mexican workers will hurt poor people and African-Americans worse than any other groups, the Democrats in Congress have stabbed the poor and their African-Americans voters in the back, too.

“Smart Hispanics see this,” he said. “They know the Democrats can never be trusted.
And they already understand that the way to have political power is by vote switching. By voting overwhelmingly for Democrats, African-Americans and union workers got taken for granted by the Democratic Party and ignored as unwinnable by the Republican Party. These groups who tied their fate to the Democrats have been betrayed by the party they trusted.

“Smart Latinos won’t make that mistake,” The Darwinian continued. “They won’t be a pawn for either party, even though their cultural values of hard work, family and faith are far closer to the Republicans. Intelligent Hispanics certainly won’t become voter puppets of the Democratic Party. They will become a vibrant bipartisan part of American democracy, like the Irish immigrants from whom came Presidents John F. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan.”

Much more of interest can be found in the whole article.

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