Saturday, April 22, 2006

First Time I've Seen It Stated Quite Like This

Ran across this question here:

Has Charles Darwin become the new Aristotle?


radar said...

I sure hope you come look into the discussion going on at my would see that there are several commenters there who will remind you precisely of Miller and others like him.

The New Aristotle???? It is to laugh, or cry...

Anonymous said...

Has Albert Einstein become the new Charles Darwin? Tough question -- and, like the one above, not one that makes much sense. Blindly accepting Aristotle's writings as truth went out of fashion sometime during the Renaissance.

The truly risible part is how the author(s) think that ongoing research into details of evolution somehow suggests that evolution is not a fact. If the same standard were applied to ID, one could not even find three instances of ongoing research -- since there are not even three places where ID "researchers" are trying to fill in the gaps of ID theory. (Gaps like who the designer was, how the design was effected, and whether the design was purely historical versus continuing.)