Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Dynamic

Well said (in a comment to the linked post):
The old joke goes, "Once black, never back." Well my spin is "Once abort, you're in the cohort" Once you've crossed the line into an abortion, or know friends who have had abortions, or have been the sperm donor to a female who was obliged to have an abortion, you're pretty much hooked into the lib thinking system, because the only alternative is to believe you just killed your own child.

And the longer liberalism persists, the bigger this problem grows because one of the fundamental arguments of conservatives becomes more and more unbearable to contemplate -- that you are part of a movement that has killed 50 (soon to be 55, then 60) million babies for NO REAL REASON!

And that is why liberals have to shred the past and all previous norms of decency and even reason itself. Because as long any of these things stand, liberals stand accused of perpetrating one of the ghastliest crimes in all of history.


Anonymous said...

This is completely untrue and the anathema of fundamental Christian theology. There is no sin so great that the love of Jesus Christ can not wash it away.

As sinners who know God's grace, we need to reach out to our fellow sinners who do not. We should not push them away and tell them that they are in a "cohort" which cannot be redeemed. That is an absolute lie.

You should be ashamed of yourself for reposting this garbage.

Matt said...

I know several women who commited the sin of abortion while pagans but have since found new life in Christ, and now say aloud what they always knew, that abortion is evil.

Matteo said...

Anonymous, work on your reading comprehension. Where is the slightest implication that none of this can be redeemed?

As for having shame for this post, I feel none.

But, thanks for condemning me.

Fred Z said...

I helped my ex-wife and (then) girl friend murder our unborn child in 1973.

For many years I lived the whole superficially enlightened liberal dude schtick. I divorced. Remarried. We had a child of our own and adopted one. Love them both to distraction.

Started to wake up sweating after evil dreams. Realized I was a murderer over the course of several years. Was by then back at RC church. Prayed. Suffered. Confessed. Helped. Not much.

Every time I think about it I feel lower than the dripping dick of a syphilitic dog. The dreams continue.

Matteo said...

Fred Z,

Thinking about Psalm 103 verse 12 might help:

"As far as the east is from the west, So far has He removed our transgressions from us."

The Lord has heard your confession and remembers your sin no more. His mercy endures forever. You need to give yourself permission not to be harder on yourself than God is. From such contrition and acceptance of mercy are saints made...