Saturday, February 19, 2011

Sometimes It's A-OK If Everyone Is White

Depends on the cause, I guess.

A Powerline reader alerts my friend John Hinderaker about something the MSM failed to report:
BTW…in no MSM coverage I have seen is there ANY note that the crowd is “predominantly white”…. Why is that?
Guess, they were just too busy looking for those fourteen missing Democratic state Senators, you know the folks who skipped out on their duties. I mean, normally those in the media notice such things. John, however, isn’t quite sure why they forget to notice the race of the protesters:
We all remember how liberal news coverage of tea party rallies rarely failed to note that they were “predominantly white.” Somehow, that is no longer a salient fact when the same outlets cover illegal sick-outs by Wisconsin teachers. Why would that be?
UPDATE: Similarly confused, Tigerhawk is asking the same question as John:
Compare to MSM coverage of the Tea Party, which dissected its demographics to the point of an obsessive compulsion. What can possibly account for the mainstream media’s disinterest in the diversity of pigmentation in the pro-union crowds demonstrating against Republicans in Wisconsin? I am baffled and mystified, and cannot imagine why this question would not be of great interest, just as it was during the summer Tea Party rallies.
It's such a strange oversight from those obsessed with the rock-bottom non-negotiable principle of racial fairness in all things. Gosh, what gives?

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