Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Excellent Peter Kreeft Quotes

Over at Rick's.

I have a whole shelf of Kreeft's books...

Here's a great WFB quote from the article that Rick links to:
A clever debater once accused William F. Buckley of having “one of the finest minds of the thirteenth century.” Buckley replied, “I don’t deserve that compliment.”

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me of a great WFB quote! One of those 13th c thinkers was St. Thomas Aquinas. It is "chronological snobbery," as CS Lewis pointed out, that permits us to patronize those who have come before us. From our vantage point we want to look at how the times and culture shaped the ideas rather than look at the ideas themselves. CFJ Martin on Aquinas: "If we want to study Aquinas we should pay him the compliment of treating as important what he thought of as important. To study Aquinas as Aquinas is a poor piece of flattery, since Aquinas cared very little for Aquinas, while he did care for God and for science." Thank you, Cartago Delenda Est and Peter Kreeft and WFB, and --most of all -- St. Thomas Aquinas.