Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Deepak Chopra refutes himself due to a laser guided question. It results in a big laugh for everyone involved, leaving Chopra bemused, and (apparently) one of his acolytes decidedly non-plussed.


Ilíon said...

Speaking of making oneself 'pwned' ... your DarwinDefender critic at 'Darwin's God' really stepped in it.

It was my pleasure to point it out

Matteo said...

Yeah, it's funny. The Darwinistas are always lecturing us on how "macroevolution" is a made up creationist term without meaning, and then one of them says I'd think such a thing only because I read too many creationist sites. Because only a creationist would claim that only creationists say "macroevolution".

What else are they going to do when faced with a bunch of evolutionist uses of the term except run their insipid little anti-"creationist" emergency defense program?

It's amazing how they can spin on a dime as the situation demands.

Ilíon said...

I think they can spin so freely because (for them) nothing is nailed down -- except for their silly belief that "there is no God," which is at the center of their spinning.