Thursday, December 18, 2008

All In A Tizzy

Lots of histrionics as Obama chooses a Christian to give his inaugural invocation. Buggery enthusiasts don't like this one bit. GayPatriot has details.

A quote from the Right Wing News piece he links:

"Throughout the campaign, there were a few times when I was irritated with the Obama campaign, but I have never been so angry with Obama and his staff. By choosing homophobe Rick Warren, who helped pass Prop 8 in California, to do the invocation at the inauguration, Barack Obama just said to LGBT Americans that we're not part of that event. Thanks."

So let me get this straight. Rick Warren is a homophobe, i.e. suffering from a wicked psychosexual disorder, and therefore should be excluded from the proceedings, in order to send the message that it is wrong to exclude people who many believe suffer from a wicked psychosexual disorder.

All righty then.

GLBT activists are someday going to need to learn: just because others do something normal and commonsensical without considering the impact this could have on the feelings of a tiny sliver of a minority, it doesn't mean it's a direct insult to you.

And nobody's excluding you, anyway. Does the whole thing have to be all about you in order for you not to feel excluded? Should I feel insulted and excluded because Obama didn't pick a Catholic? I don't think so.

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