Tuesday, April 22, 2008

There's A Reason It Strikes A Chord

Mark Shea:

Barb Nicolosi Enjoyed "Expelled"

Gives it straight A's in fact.

I know this will create a lot of screaming from certain of my readers. Here's the thing: it gets hard to buy the whole "Unless you are a scientist you have absolutely no voice in this argument" thang. The quarrel here is between people who use science as a cover for atheist materialist agitprop and (quite often) those who find the agitprop unconvincing. Stein's no scientist. But he is a theist who can tell when theism is being shouted down in an unconvincing manner and skewer such tactics with aplomb. People can complain all they like about problems with ID. Knock yerself out. But Barb's reaction is the reaction of a lot of normal healthy theists to the arrogance of the atheist naturalist crowd: "I remember encountering some of this when I was in a Catholic high school, and having witnessed the entrenched Marxism (ie. social Darwinism) jerking everybody around at Northwestern University where I went to grad school, I found Expelled painfully true, and actually understated."

Until the defenders of atheistic naturalism can find some way to move past "Shut up, he explained" tactics they will continue to be sitting ducks for people like Ben Stein. As long as people like Richard Dawkins continue be not only self-appointed, but also *enormously popular* Popes of the Church of Darwin, the claim that this is a simple quarrel between unjustly aggressive religionists bent on Lies and dispassionate scientists who just care about Truth will ring hollow. The reality is that there is a huge and aggressively anti-God agenda at work for a large number of Darwin Mythos devotees.

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