Saturday, March 29, 2008

He's Smarter Than You, He's Got A Science Degree!

Well done.

The parody is very slickly done, it's hard to say whose "side" it's on. Note however, that no pro-IDists are caricatured as cartoon characters. It could well be that the joke is on the Darwinists, but they're failing to see it, what with "creationists" being too intellectually inferior to come up with something like this, and all.

Lyrics here.


Damith said...

Listen/Read the lyrics very cafrefully.

The author may be critical of Richard Dawkins approach, but I don't know if he is against it.

"you haters talkin’ bull, don’t you know that this Dick is un-cock-frickin’ blockable"

Either way it's irrelevant mad beats a catchy tune and lyrics that win both parties in the argument over. Either way for the artist this is a win.

Matteo said...

Oh, absolutely, the artist did a superb job, with plenty of insight on both sides. There's nothing lamer than one-sided satire that shows zero understanding of the other side...