Tuesday, December 20, 2005


From David Horowitz today:

Here's a rant by a friend of mine from a national news organization that won't allow him to put his name on it for another publication. I think he's let himself get carried away by his disgust at the Democratic Party. It's not going to disappear. In fact it's going to be very competitive in 2006 and 2008 provided it doesn't nominate Cindy Sheehan.

I've Had It With The Democrats by Anon

The Democrats' reaction to the NY Times NSA story is just the last straw for me. I am sick and tired of the Democrats' political incompetence. I feel like Casey Stengel in 1962: "Can't anybody here play this game?"

Look: Suppose that the NSA, without a warrant, eavesdropped on a call between some terrorist in Afghanistan and a U.S. citizen living in Florida. This is a hypothetical; we don't know that any such thing ever happened -- but suppose. Is this unconstitutional? And how would we know?

Here's the point: Any information obtained from such eavesdropping would be inadmissable in court. But no one has been arrested, indicted or prosecuted on the basis of such eavesdropping. No harm, no foul. It would only be if such information were the basis of prosecution that anyone's rights would be violated. Despite the warrantless wiretap, Citizen Abu in Orlando is still free, his property and freedom untouched.

So all this Democratic yammering about "civil rights" is demagogic nonsense, intended only to fool the foolish.

The Democrats are missing the whole point of treating terrorism as an act of war, rather than as an ordinary law-enforcement issue. We don't want to imprison and "rehabilitate" terrorists, we want to stop them before they kill us. Therefore, the NSA doesn't care whether an emergency wiretap of a

terrorist's cell phone yields constitutionally protected evidence that would be admissable in court. If Citizen Abu is planning to bomb Disneyworld, we are less interested in prosecuting Abu and his colleagues than we are in STOPPING THE ATTACK.

The American people understand this. I bet if you phrased the poll question right, you could get a solid major of Americans to agree that we should round up every Arab who even looks vaguely suspicious and ship their jihad-loving asses to Club Gitmo tomorrow. But the Democrats don't seem to understand this, and they are alienating a HUGE number of swing voters by their public stand for the civil rights of terrorists.

The Democrats' foolishness is frustrating to me not just because I'm an ex-Democrat and hate to see the ruination of my old party. Rather, I understand that when the Democrats are weak, the Republicans get lazy. It is no accident that since 9/11, the GOP has spent in such a manner as to give drunken sailors a bad name. Why? As long as the Democrats look so weak on national security, they can't possibly hope to regain power, and so there is no accountability for spendthrift Republicans.

The Democrats need to get their act together and stop pandering to the MoveOn.org crowd, or they're going to go the way of the Whigs -- and maybe a lot sooner than anyone imagines. If the GOP can hold Congress through the 2010 elections and continue to gain in state legislatures, the next reapportionment is going to be a tsunami that will cost the Democrats another dozen seats in the House. California is the only "blue" state that will gain any electoral votes in the foreseeable future. And so if Republicans keep the White House in 2008, the Democrats won't have any political bargaining chips left.

No reason for a lobbyist or corporating to donate money to a party that has no hope of regaining power anytime in the next decade. Even George Soros won't keep pouring money down that rathole forever. If the money dries up, the Democrats are doomed. The Greens or some other left-wing party will take over the MoveOn.org vote, and the rump remainder of the Democrats will become a fading shadow. They're cutting their own throats with their ignorant, ill-informed demagoguery and -- however much partisan glee that might bring to Republicans -- the political suicide of the Democrats might not be good for America.

Back in 1992 I actually voted for Clinton. The Democrats seemed like a viable choice to me back then. It is utterly inconceivable that I would ever send a vote their way again, unless the party crashes and burns and is completely remade from the ground up. It would be nice for there to be two competititive parties.

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