Sunday, February 19, 2012


Classical Values:
Over the last few days it’s been impossible for me to log on to the Face Book without being assaulted by postings on the “Republicans War On Women” from my female Face Book Friends most of whom are educated and many of whom work in a profession that, at least in broad theory, requires them to have the capacity for original or individual thought.

But no one is discussing banning contraceptives or even abortion.  The contraceptive issue was introduced in a Republican debate by George “Supine” Stephanopoulos as a means of painting Republicans as being against contraceptives.


The republicans PROPERLY have pointed out this is a violation of the freedom of religion secured to us by the constitution.  BUT because they oppose taking the founding document of the United States out in the backyard and screwing it like a two bit whore, they’re being accused of starting a war on women.

Because, the Catholic church changed its doctrine yesterday, to refuse you free contraceptives, ladies.  Yep, that’s the truth.  And those mean, nasty, awful Republicans are conniving with the mean, evil nasty papists.  And, yep, they are going to refuse to pay for your contraceptives EVEN IF YOU DON’T work for them, as the vast majority of women who in the US don’t.  How nasty is that?

What kind of enormous, unyielding, painful daddy issues have you got to have to think that Uncle Sam has to force a CHURCH to pay for your contraception?  Are you really that infantile?  That conflicted about your sexual being?  Society must cover your contraception because… you were born with a vagina and that makes you speshul?  Because that absolves you of your guilt in having sex?  Society must provide for your abortions because… then it’s not your fault?

Poor wittle girly-girls.  Did the devil make you do it?

And this is a war on women because…

Because…  When the Romans took over Carthage, they immediately refused to pay for Carthaginian birth control, OR Carthaginian  abortions.  As we all know, this immediately reduced Carthaginians to a state of slavery.

Is THAT what you think?  Do you realize that actually invaders usually try to reduce the occupied population?

Let me tell you what war on someone means: It means that you and your children can’t keep what you work for.  It means that you are killed for the convenience of the occupiers.  It means you can’t worship as you please.  It means you can’t eat, buy or wear what you wish.  It means you can’t travel where you wish.  It means you can’t afford to have children when you want them.

In fact, a war on women, at least that portion of women who are American resembles very much what we are seeing happen right before our eyes, with a staggering deficit and an intrusive government.  Your children – and you – will be enslaved to pay for the debt the government is incurring.  This will greatly reduce your ability to live your life as you wish.  A war on women is what we’re seeing, when you won’t be able to educate your daughters (or your sons, but do you care?) because we’re flat stone broke.  A war on women resembles the restrictions on travel (through ridiculous, uncalled for constrictions of our energy supply – like the refusal of the pipeline from Canada) that are already being imposed on us, and that will get much much worse if you give these clowns another chance.

A war on women – a war on everyone – means forcing people to pay for things they believe are a sin, and which they think will cost them eternal torment.  (And it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it. Freedom of religion is supposed to prevent the majority from violating the rights of religious minorities, no matter if their beliefs make you fall down howling with laughter.  No.  PARTICULARLY if their wishes make you fall down howling with laughter.  Force Roman Catholics to pay for your abortion today, force Jews to sell bacon tomorrow, force Mormons to drink wine.  It’s all the same.)

War is forcing people to do what the invaders want them to, exactly in the way the invaders want.

The Democratic government is at war with America.  And they hope you won’t notice.

Worse, their campaign of war has been incredibly successful in reducing us to a population of slaves.  They hope you don’t notice that either.  Instead, they wave the false flag of contraceptives and “War On Women” and all these supposedly liberated SUPPOSEDLY rational women fall for it.

So far, the Democrats War on Reality is massively successful.

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Legion911 said...

You missed the memo.

If women want government to pay for their... whatever: healthcare, maternity leave, contraceptives, back massages, mental health retreats, child support, etc. and you are against the government paying you are part of the "War on Women"(TM).