Thursday, February 09, 2012


Mark Shea:
It is imperative for the blogosphere to make noise here, because the MSM is largely in the tank for Obama and is, with malice aforethought, deliberately lying to make it appear that this is merely some dumb bishops with hangups about sex trying to impose their will on defenseless people who just want health care coverage.

The amazing chutzpah of those who say, “Whether I contracept is none of your business” while holding a gun to our heads and demanding we pay for their contraceptives is truly breathtaking, particularly since they are not only robbing us, but forcing us to violate our consciences while they do it. Contraceptives are cheap as dirt and common as water. Let those who want them get them themselves and not gratuitously force those who think them immoral to pay for them. Painting this as “the Church imposing its morals” on them is like accusing the pistol-whipped victim of armed robbery of lack of charity. This is an act of war against Catholic conscience and religious liberty and a naked act of malice from the Obama Administration. There must be no compromise. It must be utterly defeated.

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Unknown said...

100% Matteo.
Good stuff.
There was a post on egnorance about this subject and I wrote this little tid-bit on there.
I think you might just dig it:

"I was just talking about this contraceptives idea with my adult son.

He made a rather a series interesting points regarding their use. To understand his ideas, you have to understand we live in Ontario where the government labels cigarettes and even some liquor with warnings.


First he noted they are allowed to be legally purchased by people below the age of legal consent (16 here in Ontario). He compared this to selling booze or smokes to under age kids (19 here in Ontario). He further wondered why they condoms are not required, as with cigarettes, to be labelled with disclaimers and warnings. Why, for example, do they not have a white box proclaiming 'Promiscuous sex can lead to loneliness, and DEATH', or 'Promiscuity kills your partner too!', or a picture of children with plaintiff stares that with the text 'Please don't cheat on us Daddy'?

He added (I am paraphrasing here) 'Okay, maybe the sex itself is not like a cigarette, but the condom is analogous to the filter - the butt.'

This idea he backed, very astutely, by saying NOT warning people of these potential dangers on a condom is akin to taking the warnings of filtered cigarette packages, or selling fancy cigarette filters with no warnings about smoking on them."