Friday, September 16, 2005

Barely A Parody

I didn't pay any attention to Bush's speech last night. I did, however talk to a liberal friend of mine on the phone, and even he, who doesn't read any right-wing websites or listen to any right-wing radio was wondering about all of the drowned schoolbuses. So the media propaganda, I guess it ain't workin'.

Apropos of all this are a couple of good parodies (which apparently are pretty close to the truth) of ABC trying to get a rise out of displaced victims (H/T Ace Of Spades).

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Akaky said...

Uh oh, your liberal friend wont be liberal for very much longer. The first step away from the liberal orthodoxy occurs when you start noticing that theory and practice are just a tad different, and that the facts on the ground, or in this case the water, dont support what you're being told about a given situation. Once someone starts subscribing to the reality principle there's no telling how much damage it can do to the average liberal's outlook.