Saturday, August 13, 2005


From Wittingshire:

Being Yourself

The same breath is blown into the flute, cornet, and bagpipe, but different music is produced according to the different instruments. In the same way the one Spirit works in us, God's children, but different results are produced, and God is glorified through them according to each one's temperament and personality (Sadhu Sundar Singh).

Following our own selfish desires--sinning--makes us, ironically, less ourselves; ask any doctor who, like my brother-in-law, works with addicts of various sorts. Their stories are all the same; the look in their eyes is always the same. By focusing on their own wants they have lost their individuality. They have lost themselves.

But if we die to ourselves, as Christ calls us to do, He does what we cannot and makes us more sharply and brightly ourselves, beautiful, distinct. With his help, we find our truest and best selves.

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