Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Back From Oshkosh

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I'm now back from my epic small airplane journey to Oshkosh and back. Haven't looked at a stitch of news or a single blog for almost two weeks, so I have no idea whatsoever what's been going on. It'll take me a day or two to get back into the swing of things, so please bear with me...

Take a look at the photo above (click to zoom). I used the very shiny propeller spinner of a very shiny vintage airplane as a mirror. I'm the guy in the cowboy hat. Behind me is Adam, one of the owners of the plane we flew out there, and further in the distance to the right (wearing a blue-green shirt) is Py, the other owner. We had a heck of a time, fueling in Ogden, Utah, being stopped by thunderstorms in Casper, Wyoming, where we spent the night, then touring Mt. Rushmore by air and ground. After this it was into Oshkosh where we camped for 5 days, giving us weather including sultry humid and hot, violent torrential thunderstorms, and finally cool, clear, brilliant brisk weather which I expect from California in late October, not Wisconsin in July. The flight back had us refueling in Lincoln, Nebraska, and stopping for two nights in Boulder, Colorado. We rented a car and drove to the top of 14,110 foot Pike's peak. On Saturday we flew over the Rockies at 16,500 to Durango, Colorado. The next day it was on to Laughlin, Nevada; we didn't see much of the Grand Canyon on the way as we had to get an IFR clearance to fly through clouds and rain. At Laughlin we enjoyed Jet Skiing on the Colorado River, as well as plenty of Casino Buffet cuisine. Finally, it was over Death Valley and Mt. Whitney back to Tracy, CA and home!

I'll try to post a photo essay at some point...

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