Saturday, July 16, 2005

Ace Nails It

What a great post by Ace!

Read it all, here's an excerpt:

Liberals are simply not serious about intelligence, warfare, or national security. They can pretend all they like; they can bloviate about bioweapons detectors in subway tubes and more inspections of cargo containers 'till the cows come home in an effort to show they're "serious" about defending this country.

We don't believe them. And when I say "we," I don't mean just conservatives, I mean the majority of the American voting public. Too frequently they give themselves away, too often they accidentally let the pretense fall a little too far down and let us see their real beliefs.

They're not serious. They are against war even in the most dire of circumstances, and they're against any of the dirtier parts of intelligence-gathering. They cannot come right out and admit they oppose war and covert operations on principle, so they simply object to every conceivable part of warfare or covert ops or interrogation in their details.

Then they can claim they are not reflexively anti-this or anti-that, they're just very outraged by this particular practice.

Trouble is, they're outraged by every particular practice of war or intelligence-gathering.

It's like saying you have nothing against Western omlettes, except you despise eggs, loath ham, destest green peopers, and find onions gob-smackingly vile.

And also-- you're not too crazy about the toast and orange juice they give you on the side. And that you frankly find toast and orange juice "unAmerican" and "contrary to the spirit of our living Constitution."

Let's stop talking of eggs and ham and such and just admit you're anti-omlette.

And let's stop f*cking about with these transparent pretenses and just have you admit, finally, you're against war or America doing anything meeeaaan to defend herself. You're not bothered by the particulars; you object to the very fundamentals. You are not outraged by specific practices; you're against all practices on principle.

But liberals know they can't admit their real beliefs. And hence this fifty-year-old Kabuki.

Ace is on a major roll. See also this. And this, in which Ace says, "Want to know "what's the matter with Kansas?" Want to know why you keep losing, Paul?

The public understands that Republicans want to fight terrorists, but Democrats only want to fight Republicans."

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