Wednesday, January 26, 2005

What Planet Are They Smoking?

Boy, the Golden Gate chapter of Planned Parenthood is engaging in bold faced lying about the San Francisco Walk For Life.
More than 6,000 Pro-Choice Bay Area Residents Stand Up for Women's Health and Rights


Pro-choice crowd outnumbers anti-choice marchers by more than 3 to 1 in peaceful demonstration

SAN FRANCISCO – Outnumbering anti-choice demonstrators by more than three to one, an estimated 6,000 took to the streets of San Francisco to stand up for women's health and rights on Saturday, January 22, 2005. The rally and march sent the loud and clear message that the San Francisco Bay Area is overwhelmingly pro-choice and will continue to defend women's rights against attack.

Following a rally at Powell and Market Streets in San Francisco, over 6,000 pro-choice Bay Area residents marched to the Embarcadero where an anti-choice demonstration was taking place. Pro-choice marchers peacefully lined the route of the anti-choice march chanting slogans such as "Get up, get down! San Francisco is a pro-choice town!"

The numbers they are quoting are completely backwards, according to the San Francisco Chronicle, the crowd estimates by the SF police, the pictures that have been widely published, and what I saw with my own freakin' eyes! They don't even provide a citation of where they got this preposterous number and ratio. Desperation...

An earlier post of mine has links to photos taken by both sides as well as video taken by the opposition so you can see for yourself. There is also a link to the Chronicle article.

First they complain about all of the people bused in from outside (because, you know, it is not possible that anyone in San Francisco could possibly be pro-life), then they exult that there actually weren't any people to begin with! What a bunch of dorks.

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