Monday, November 01, 2010

Hillbuzz, Again With The Good Stuff

If Wonder Woman in Chicago is shouting about Democrats being “diarrhea” and two guys dressing up to make fun of Tea Partiers fail to get the “Yah! We hate them too!” responses they desired, then Democrats are in for one Hell of a stunning surprise tomorrow.

They have no idea what a fringe minority they have become in the Left, and just how many tens of millions of Americans have woken up and see the Democrat Party for the Marxist mess it’s become.

I referenced the AintItCoolNews piece because over at that site, the Leftists who go there to talk about movies and occasionally engage in politics, have no clue what’s happening tomorrow. They have been making fun of the Tea Party movement, have been vociferously attacking Governor Palin, and have been wishing death on Glenn Beck for so long that they believe the majority of Americans think like them and that Democrats will prevail tomorrow — because they have the backing of the Ivy League big-thinkers, the Lincoln Park hipsters, the Austin-based basement dwellers and Hot Pockets snackers.

When Democrats receive a beatdown larger than anything the polls are showing — because I believe the pollsters have no idea just how much Americans have grown to actively hate the Democrats and see them as the manifestation of the Marxist Left in our government — all Hell is going to break loose in the ranks of the Hot Pockets eaters in their basements.

They will have no idea how to process those feelings: betrayal that Obama failed them when he was supposed to be their messiah; incomprehension over the fact they believe they are so right about everything and that Obama is wonderful and yet Americans are going to humiliate this “living god” tomorrow unlike anything we have seen in modern times; anger they have lost so much after all that gloating in 2008 declaring themselves to be masters of the universe and in complete control of this country.

These people are going to lash out.


The way I see it, every time these people lash out at Americans like us for speaking our minds and proudly espousing conservatism, the Left alienates more voters who never want anything to do with a party that condones such behavior. The folks at AintItCoolNews and other Leftist sites, in and outside of the political realm, don’t realize this…but their nastiness, vile attacks, and general behavior cost Democrats a great many votes.

So, keep it up, trolls. Keep the attacks coming. You only end up hurting yourselves.

So, bring it.

But just know somewhere in your brain that you brought all of this upon yourself. Every Tea Party member you ridiculed is someone who committed to voting against Democrats for the rest of their lives. Everyone you called a RAAACIST! for not supporting what Obama and Democrats are doing to this country is now an activist who is dedicated to bringing the Democrat Party down for those personal attacks. Every former Democrat Donna Brazile, Howard Dean, Harry Reid, and Nancy Pelosi claimed wasn’t needed anymore because the party could function with just “blacks, urban elite, college towns, young voters, amnesty-seeking Hispanics, low information gays, and self-hating Jews” is now an Independent or even a Republican who is now using everything they know about the inner workings of the DNC to burn the party to the ground and make sure it never rises again.

The Left did this to itself.

The Democrat Party did this to itself.

Tomorrow, they will lash out at more people, behave terribly, and alienate scores and scores of more people who will then join the Tea Party and continue to work against Democrats.

Just watch.

It’s what happened to us in 2008.

It’s what happened to a lot of you who read us.

It’s happening all over.

And it is the Democrats’ own damn fault…so never let them forget that.

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Ilíon said...

"This was the best they could come up with to mock a grassroots movement that’s a terror to not just the Left, but to the Cocktail Party GOP establishment as well."

"Cocktail Party GOP establishment" ... I like that.