Saturday, November 28, 2009

He's On It

Perusing the Science! blog Pharyngula, here is how P.Z. Myers has covered "Climategate" since it broke a week ago Thursday (post titles working backwards newest to oldest):

  • Kindle improves!
  • The University of Minnesota has failed to enshrine racism in its policies!
  • Hitler's library
  • Renounce your pomp! [highlighting an anti-Vatican video]
  • Hello, Southern California!
  • An Australian double standard [about an atheist conference down there]
  • A wicked twist [about a "nasty old Christian bigot"]
  • Darn it, I didn't even know these were on the market [Thanksgiving post about a fictional cross between an octopus and a Turkey]
  • Friday Cephalopod: Black Friday [just a graphic, but amazingly it has something to do with PZ's scientific specialty]
  • Congratulations to the Ladens [birth announcement]
  • The pie made from the cursed undead heart of the vengeful bride of the son of the thread that will not die!
  • Looks nothing like me [graphic of some sort of octopus pirate thing flippin' the bird]
  • Try not to think Catholic thoughts today, if you can help it
  • Reality is a liberal conspiracy
  • Happy Wary Vigilance Day! [He doesn't like the idea of Thanksgiving]
  • Greg Epstein is a very nice fellow [about a guy who wrote a book "Good Without God" ]
  • I get email — and create a contest! [where he says of his opponents: "Want another reason to avoid debating creationists? It's like giving a mangy, limping, scab-encrusted starving fleabait cat a saucer of milk — you'll never be rid of the whimpering dependent.]
  • I'm profiled in New Scientist [isn't that special]
  • Rom Houben is still a victim [skepticism about the guy who allegedly awakened from the 23 year coma]
  • Educate La Sierra in the Truth…with a poll [Set those Seventh Day Adventists straight!]
  • We're all still recovering from Skepticon
  • Keef gets it right [interestingly a comic that trashes "Primate change deniers"]
  • Happy Anniversary, Origin…some bad news [Lamenting that CNN published a piece by Stephen Meyer]
  • Happy Anniversary, Origin…some good news
  • Kirk Cameron embarrasses himself [about Kirk Cameron getting "rhetorically bitch slapped"]

Okay...Enough! This only gets us to last Tuesday.

Nothing there about "Climategate".

But, to be fair, precious little about science in general, so maybe that explains it.


IlĂ­on said...

I like your [Science!], it's far more amusing than my ["Science"]

Unknown said...

You know what they say "Ignorance is bliss" and he's blissfully blogging away.