Friday, May 09, 2008

Uncomprehending Bigotry On Parade

In response to this, we have this.

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Foxfier said...

Not just bigotry, but stupidity-- some of them are wondering "what the psychological effect of having so many children" will be on other children.

Well...let's see. My grandma was one of 13. My mom is one of five, my dad one of four, my mom knew several families with up to twenty kids.

MOST people in the old days were from large families-- having a sibling of each flavor myself, I feel sorry for the kids from SMALL families! It seems to have a high correlation with folks being selfish, unless they had a lot of cousins around.

What is wrong with a couple having children, caring for them, teaching them responsibility, educating them and doing it ALL on their own dime?

These kids are the future-- my husband and I probably won't be able to get even CLOSE to the level of these folks (and he goes pale at the idea) but we both want at least three kids. (That's about replacement when you factor in death rates, celibates, etc.)